About Mental Health
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Mental Health Support Solutions (“MHSS”) are professional psychologists with industry experience, dedicated to creating long-lasting solutions to any issue we face.

Based in Hamburg, and with offices and staff all over the world, MHSS’ team of psychological professionals speak various languages, have over 150 years’ collective experience and work tirelessly to provide support and solutions which are pragmatic and long-lasting.

All our material is developed, delivered and constantly upgraded by our team of professionals. All our interactions are handled by a psycho-medical professional, giving you direct access to a professional, dynamic and relatable expert.

MHSS run a 24/7 hotline, providing direct and confidential access to professional psychologists. MHSS measure trends and insights, and proactively advise partners on issues arising and preventative measures to take.

MHSS run industry-leading trainings and education – both in-person and virtual – designed to be easily understood, retained and used participants of all languages, corporate levels and cultures.

MHSS also run various “insight” projects – including survey of staff, offices and work environment, customers and stakeholders – performing a deep-dive into the state of wellbeing amongst groups, identifying (and recommending) areas for improvement, and creating benchmarks against which to measure progress.

Innovation is critical to make psychological intervention effective. MHSS are at the forefront of using their data-driven and research-based insight to pre-emptively identify issues and issue preventative solutions in response.

Led by CEO, Christian Ayerst, who combines a career in law with commercial innovation, and Managing Consultant Charles Watkins, a leading authority on psychological insight and practice, MHSS are proving that when used properly and professionally, psychological support is a significant investment to any organization.

Company Strategy

Provision of deep dive mental health audit, formulation of company mental health strategy and one-to-one-counselling/therapy.

Tailored Training

We design and produce tailored mental health training videos, applications, poster campaigns, seminars and circulars.

24/7 Helpline

A Free phone Mental Health Helpline available 24 hours, seven days a week – ashore and on board.


We attend your crew and officer conferences worldwide, delivering seminars on mental health and hosting roundtable discussions.

We are here to listen to you

Please reach us for a discussion on how we might help and support or send us a message via the button below.

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