Psychological First-aid Course


  • A practical and easy step-by-step guide to providing support after a traumatic event
  • Scientifically-proven positive impact on the recovery from a traumatic event
  • No previous training or knowledge required
  • In-depth discussion of the do’s and don’ts when faced with such a situation
  • Training is offered by professionals with many years of experience in the field of emergency psychology

This course starts at 11:30 CET (German Time) and is approximately 3 hours long.

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First Aid

Know What to Do When It Matters Most

About the seminar

Know What to Do When It Matters Most

Disastrous events and experiences are almost inevitable. But how can we prepare ourselves for these? How can we offer support and understanding to those affected? How can we overcome our own feelings of helplessness and get down to helping others and ourselves? This course offers an in-depth insight into the power of Psychological First Aid, why it works and why it is a most valuable tool to have during times of crisis and need. If you have always wanted to truly touch people’s lives, this is your chance. Let’s make a positive impact, together!

This course starts at 11:30 CET (German Time) and is approximately 3 hours long.

Charles Watkins

About the speaker

Charles Watkins
Clinical Psychologist M.Sc. & Founder

Having graduated with a master’s degree (with distinction) in clinical psychology, Charles continued to use his passion to inspire positive change and advance the field of psychology in areas new to the psychological approach.

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30th November


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